17 amazing facts about Norway!

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It this doesn’t want you to move to Norway, nothing will! Here are 17 amazing facts about Norway.

  • You can climb glaciers
  • Norway once knighted a penguin
  • Some towns are names after trolls!
  • Students don’t have to pay college tuition
  • Norwegians loves their “blomsterbuketter
  • Norway is the world’s #1 producer of geography porn

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  • You can run a marathon at midnight, in broad daylight
  • The last peacetime execution in Norway happened in 1876
  • During the summer months, the sun literally does not set
  • In Tromsø, Norway, you can actually see the Northern Lights

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  • Norway is officially known as The Kingdom of Norway. Seriously.
  • The magical Kingdom of Arendelle in “Frozen” was based on Norway
  • Even when the weather is awful, Norwegians are the happiest people
  • Norwegians are so efficient with their waste, they are importing trash from other countries
  • Norway is home to the most regal Ruff, a small bird that looks like a tiny Queen Elizabeth I
  • Half of the schools and homes in Norway’s capital are heated by burning garbage to generate electricity
  • Norway’s government hired an in-house philosopher to ensure the country’s money is being used morally

If you know of more facts, please leave them in the comment field below 🙂

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